How To:

To use The Site, click on Add My Case where you
can provide a Subject and Details of your post. You can subsequently view comments
and responses to your post when comments become available.

You can create a Private Group by clicking on Create a Group. You determine
how members of the group will be joining your group. You remain the moderator
of the group and can limit all posts/questions to the group or to the public.

The following is a listing of options on The Site:

Add My Case: You can add your case/question by
providing a subject line and the body of your question in this area.

Case List: A full listing of all cases on chronological
order. You can select all recent posts or only "your" recent posts
in this area.

Unread Cases: A listing of all cases which you
have not read previously.

Popular Cases: A listing of most commonly viewed

My Group Cases: A listing of all cases within
your private groups.

Create a Group: You can create your own private
group in this area. You have the option of making membership open or moderated
by you.

Group Listings: A listing of all groups on the
Site; you can request joining any of the groups; your entry in the group will
depend on the moderator's decision for the group.

Invite a Colleague: You can email friends who
can join the Site.

Forums: A listing of cases in the Forums with

Recent Cases: A listing of all recent cases.

My Account: Your account information; you can
modify most of the information in this tab.

My inbox: Private messages can be sent between
members of the community; you will find a listing of all received and send messages

Log out: Logging out of the system. The system
automatically logs you out after a preset time limit for your protection.